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Dysfunctional Combinations & Collaborations Vol.2 sees Slovenian based British producer Yila continue his return to dance-floor territory after a fruitful Vol.1, this time diving into the process of the 90s. On ‘I’m the Future’ he teams up with Berlin based vocalist / producer / DJ Maya Schenck and Montreal based drummer / percussionist Max Sansalone. The pulsating bassline, throbbing hi hat and Sansalone’s effects laden tribal polyrhythmic percussion apparitions combine with Schenck’s broken down poetry to result in a haunting earworm and an instant alt-club weapon. ‘Hipslop’ pays homage to the 90s jungle / drum and bass process of sampling old jazz records. Yila distances himself from the past as he dips into his own purpose-made composition played by a 5 piece jazz outfit, cutting and splicing their highly syncopated basslines, atmospheric piano chords and deconstructed intricate drum solos. The accompanying pitch bent recordings of a Tawny Owls mating call adds to the 90s rave / post hardcore references and the homage is complete.

Single Artwork: Emily Evans 

‘I’m the future’ - Vocals, Maya Schenk - Acoustic drums / percussion, Max Sansalone - Additional arrangement, Christian Kroupa

Video  Animation from Maya Schenk Visuals from 5237 aka Stella Ivsek

‘Hipslop’ - Piano - Rok Zalokar, Sax - Bostjan Simmons, Drums - Max Sansalone, Bass - Rob Mullarky, Rhodes - Eddie Stevens.

Script - Steven Camden, Puppeteer - Dennis Katman,n DOP - Adam Mulalic, Editor / VFX - Remigijus Klimovas, Grading - J G Harding

Recorded and mixed at Nature Scene Studios, Mixed by YILA, Produced by YILA, Mastered by Guy Davies at Electrical Audio

Stereo Sound


The fifth solo album from Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts, Dirtmusic, Distance, Light & Sky) is a deep dive into the vagaries of these extraordinary times. Eckman’s luminous songwriting navigates loss, disorientation, redemption and the search for home. Recorded raw and direct with a small ensemble, the record is framed by expansive sonic textures: treated strings, analogue synth drones and ambient guitars. Where the Spirit Rests was co-produced with British electronic composer Alastair McNeill (Roísín Murphy, Yila) and includes an inspired cast of collaborators: pedal steel maverick Chuck Johnson, avant-garde violinist Catherine Graindorge and Dream Syndicate/Green on Red keyboardist Chris Cacavas.

Recording / Mix / Production

Stereo Sound - 12 Inch LP + Digital

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Yila, an ex-Londoner based in Ljubljana, collaborates with 2 Dj’s; French Londoner Giom and Slovenian Christian Kroupa AKA Alleged Witches.

Unable to conceptually engage with the current political and social situation, Yila wanted to use a musical form that was political in its nature. Inspired by watching acid house and techno documentaries such as 'Everybody in The Place: An Incomplete History of Britain 1984-1992' - Jeremy Deller, he realised this genre of music could be a finger to the establishment without the need for heavy concepts. Here the music purely functions, it compels people to dance and exists in a subculture that could elicit change.....hopefully. The personal combinations were the focus; each collaborating artist bringing their own unique style, this natural melding deciding the genre without confines. Sprinklings of nostalgia meet a future thinking fusion of dance music. With a focus on slick production, mix, and 3D spatialisation techniques, there is a subject matter; not expressed through the contrived mind but through subconscious sonic delivery. “I am so far removed from the club scene that the ideal sonic experience only exists in my imagination” - Yila This is one of Yila’s most commercially accessible dance releases.

Stereo sound 12” vinyl distributed by Juno + digital release

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'Kreda' are an Anglo-Slovene musical trio, a collaboration between Mina Spiler, vocalist (part of avant-garde group Laibach), producer YILA, contemporary composer Matevž Kolenc and visual artist Atej Tutta. Devoted to experimental left-field pop, atmospherics and virtually spatialised sound-scapes through the use of ambisonics and binaural techniques the group attempt to sonically mirror natural landscapes and everyday social dramas; trying to push what a song can represent and convey. 
 Their first single ‘Emotional tides’ is a journey through Venetian canals, an intimate daydream, a timeless story that represents greatness in normality and the acceptance of the historical burden as a metaphor for emotion in personal relationships. Working directly from Atej’s visuals, the group used his video to compose a sonic journey using song form adding binaural and ambisonic techniques to carry the listener.

Stereo Sound - Writing, Mix and Production

Rtboard 2bandcamp

A series of live stream events from the Nature Scene Studio.

Using multiple retro cameras artists perform live within this context.

Stereo Sound + Binaural


'The Reel To Reel night program will be dedicated to reels and machines that rotate these reels'

 Live improvised performance on Radio Student (Ljubljana) with Luka Seliškar, Jure Anžiček and Alastair McNeill - 3 tape machines, modular synths and radio broadcast loop

Stereo Sound

Radio Student - Reel to Reel night program

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Improvised performance using only the voice and poetry of Karlo Hmeljak in realtime with Matevz Kolenc

Reactive Lighting system by Mitja Cerkvenik

Stereo Sound

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Yila collaborated with Mina Spiler, lead singer in cult art-rock band Laibach. The EP contains remixes from Dave DK (Mina Records), Rose Tinted & Anna Be (Detone Records) and finally Christian Kroupa (Alleged Witches). Mastered by Mandy Parnell

Stereo Sound. Digital release. Writing, producing and mix.

XLR8R - Premiere

Ransome Note - Dave D remix premiere



From Slovenian author Andrej Predin’s new story ‘Brez Upora’ a live on radio a 30 improvised manipulation of the text using digital and tape techniques. Performed by Alastair McNeill, text read by Ana Predin.

Stereo Sound. Live Internet stream.

Radart #7

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A piece of musical theatre performed by Yila's 8 piece band behind / with projected image. The show is centered around a box of potential memories and stories. Using music, sonic art, video, projection, animation, found sound, spoken word, text and written stories by Steven Camden. The work tried to put social, physical & emotional concepts in perspective. Produced by Alastair McNeill, Jvan Morandi And Steven Camden.

"for a brief period of time, in one of the few venues in London which seems to genuinely engender a sense of community, Souvenir makes sure that no one feels alone" - The Monitors 

Stereo Sound, Dual large scale Projection, CRT Screens.

the-monitors review of Total Refreshment center show

Norwich Arts Center posting

Logo Polyend

Promotional video for the Polyend SEQ

Yila, Miha Šajina (shekuza), Tine Grgurevič (Bowrain) and Matevž Kolenc

Live improvised performance streamed on web cameras.

Kolenc - Musical artist, best known for his work with the groups Melodrom and Laibach. He Scores numerous theatre pieces, performances and films. In recent years, he has focused on the manipulation of the listener’s perception of music, the connections between emotional responses and the perception of the spatial image. Using musical and realistic sounds to achieve that, his compositions often cross the line between sound design and music.

Mix, Pre Master and spatialisation's 

Stereo Sound + Binaural.  



Dani Siciliano released 'Dani Siciliano' on Circus Company

Musical Director for live show

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Roisin Murphy World tour.

Show design / Pre production, Visual reaction to audio event implementation with Jvan Morandi.

Synthesizers, vocal effects processing and guitar.

Irish Times Review

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Overload EP released on Rob da Banks Sunday Best techno imprint Silver Bear. With remixes from Kasra V's Boiler room Debut and Nummer's 'Fear of Landing' rework

Stereo Sound. Video. Digital release.


HK119 released ‘Imaginature’ on One Little Indian 

European tour

Musical Director, synths, backing vocals and Ukelele

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Eight outstanding artists from three countries joined together in a project by British artists Eddie Stevens and Alastair McNeill. Experimental audio-visual performance "IDÚ" was based on the opening track of album Moruša: CÌŒierna by slovak artist Jana Kirschner. The live audio-visual performance took place in Multimedia Space for Contemporary Culture Nástupište 1-12 / Platform 1-12 in Topolcanky, Slovakia.

Art direction: Eddie Stevens & Alastair McNeill

14.2 Speaker array and custom performance system. 


Jana Kirschner


Garance And The Mitochondries full length album. Mixed by Dillip Harris, Mastered by Mandy Parnell


Stereo Sound, CD and Digital release. 


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Mixing animation, stills and live action Compulse is a collaboration between Flyfaction and Yila. Based around ideas of the self, fleeting memory and loss. It was projected as part of a collective show under London's Westway.

Stereo AV projection

Jackamo Brown's Debut album released on Scroobius Pip's Speech Development records. 

Recorded entirely live in a Hackney Church. Additional field recordings by Jackamo Brown. 

Stereo Sound. CD and Digital release. Recording and Mix.

Forfolkssake review

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Scroobius Pip broke ranks from his beat-making sparring partner Dan Le Sac to release his solo album 'Distraction Pieces' via Strange Famous Records in US/Canada and Speech Development in the UK

"Here's an album-of-the-year contender - the height of this thing represents a steep and difficult climb for anyone else to reach." - Buzzinemusic

The album features collaborations with fellow SFR crew Sage Francis and B. Dolan, as well as P.O.S. of Doomtree, plus extra production from Richard Russell of XL Recordings, Radio 1's Zane Lowe, Aupheus, Worgie, Danny Lohner (Nine Inch Nails / A Perfect Circle) and Steve Mason. Yila served as the project's executive producer and mix engineer. Mastered by Mandy Parnell.

Executive Producer, producer, Mix, guitars, synth, Backing Vocals. 

Stereo Sound, Videos, Vinyl, CD and Digital release. 

BBC Review

Experimental indie-pop fourtet Aloosh have announced details of their debut album 'Ceramic', released on their own Nature Scene Records label. Featuring eights tracks ranging from the sweet pop vocals and Complex rhythms of 'Time' to the pulsating synth and angular guitar of 'Kid Gloves', Ceramic is released on heavyweight LTD edition 12" and will be accompanied by a two part short film directed by J G Harding.




Takin' Off is a pop, summery Nu-Disco gem. Featuring catchy vocals and slick Indie-Dance-meets-house-music production, this is also the debut release from new French band Palmer

Song writing, arrangement, remix + mix. 

Stereo Sound. Digital release. 

Head Bg

Roisin Murphy - World tour of Overpowered. 


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Critically bashed but highly successful album from Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip launching both their careers and spawning the hit 'Thou shalt always kill' 

Production and mix. 

Pitchfork review

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Yila featuring Scroobius pip, remixes from Clark (Warp) and Dan Le Sac. 

“It's about growing up and being regarded a failure if you’re not at the pinnacle of professions”

Stereo Sound. Video, 7inch vinyl and digital release. 

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Member of Improvisers orchestra led by David Toop

Tate Modern
Tate Britain
Kubrick festival,
Barbican Centre
South London Gallery.